Chalmers and Damasio

I am currently reading David Chalmers’ The Conscious Mind. In reading, I am finding parallels between his theory and Antonio Damasio’s theory presented in his own Self Comes to Mind, which I read a few weeks ago. Damasio’s theory, in brief, rests on biological value and homeostasis. Reduced to it’s smallest, this manifests itself as even the single-celled organism’s apparent “will to live.” Though you may call it what you like, something along these lines seems to be present in species that far predate the emergence of what we think of as consciousness and intentional qualities. Certainly, few would postulate that the single-celled organism is really experiencing any sort of real desire to live, but could this be a primitive, or primordial (per Damasio), expression of what would later become full-blown consciousness? I’m only a hundred pages or so into Chalmers’ work, but I feel like I may be onto something. I’ll update when I’ve read more.

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